Main Products

40 FT Flatbed Truck Trailer
The size of the 40 ft trailer loading area is determined according to the standard container size, 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale in Namibia can transport 1×40ft or 2×20ft container.
45000 Liters Diesel Fuel Tanker
With the latest automatic welding machine for welding the diesel fuel trailer for sale in Namibia tank body, that ensures the high quality of welding seams, long service life and good appearance in the fuel trailers body.
50 Ton Tipper Semi Trailer
The tipper semi trailer in Namibia carriage adopts rear-dump self-unloading methods, which improves the efficiency of the bulk cargo transport by the loader.
37 Ton Side Lifter Trailer
TITAN side lifter trailer for sale in Namibia has made work flexible, Saves time and improves productivity for satisfied customers around the world.
3 Axle Lowbed Trailer
The lower the platform height of the excavator trailer, the better the stability and safety. Lowbed trailer in Namibia has a large carrying capacity when transporting extra high and medium cargo.
Foton GTL Tractor Head
Each foton auman truck goes through 36 quality controlling procedures, ensuring the quality of our manufactured products.
Shacman F3000 RHD Tractor Head
The shacman tractor head adopts high-end heavy trucks with original MAN chassis technology
Shacman X3000 8x4 Tipper Truck
The Shacman X3000 tipper truck is a reliable and efficient choice for construction and mining operations. It is equipped with a powerful engine and a durable chassis that can handle heavy loads and rough terrain.
Howo 400 Tractor Head
The Sinotruk howo 400 tractor head is known for its powerful engine and excellent performance.
Howo 430 Dump Truck 8x4
It is equipped with a powerful 430 horsepower engine that provides the necessary strength and torque to carry heavy loads over rough terrain.
20FT 40FT Superlink Flatbed Trailer
TITAN superlink flatbed trailer is commonly used in the transportation of 20ft and 40ft containers, and bulk cargo like building materials, agricultural products, industrial equipment.
Superlink Side Tipper Trailer
The superlink side tipper trailer is a type of specialized heavy-duty trailer commonly used in the transportation industry. It consists of two trailers, combined with a side tipper mechanism.
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The main products of semi trailers including flatbed trailer, lowbed trailer, side loader trailer, fuel tanker trailer and other professional semi-trailers.

And we also supply CIMC trailers, Sinotruk howo trucks, Faw Jiefang trucks, Foton trucks and Faw truck for sale in Namibia.

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Successful Cases

40FT Sideloader Trailer will export to Windhoek Namibia
40FT Sideloader Trailer for Sale in Windhoek Namibia - sideloader trailer , 40ft sideloader , sideloader for sale.
Tri Axle Flat Deck Trailer with Front Board will be sent to Namibia
Tri Axle Flat Deck Trailer with Front Board for Sale in Namibia - tri axle flat deck trailer , flat deck trailer for sale
Plam Oil Tanker Trailer will be sent to Namibia
Plam Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale in Namibia - plam oil tanker , oil tanker trailer , tanker trailer for sale in namibia.
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